I guess I really don't have much of a presence...

Cocoloo is the Princess of the Spirit World and the third Platinum Princess Candidate. She is 17 years old and suffers from the curse of a 10 year old's body.


Cocoloo is a shy girl with a soft ambition through most of the series. She appears very calm and worries often about her self confidence around others. With the help of Yucie she gains a more mature personality and an even stronger bond with others.

her chief characteristics being self-effacing and gentle. Cocoloo is so gentle that she is often ignored and talked-over by the much louder Yucie and Glenda, which causes Cocoloo to lament that she "has no presence after all"

However, Cocoloo is amazingly kind and encouraging towards her friends, which makes an impression on everyone who gets to know her.


wears tiny spectacles at the end of her nose


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Being a Spirit, Cocoloo is able to pass through walls by immaeriality. She's also immune to any harmful physical attacks, as they pass through her.

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Chawoo is Cocoloo's steward, who usally hides inside Cocoloo's shadow. He cares deeply about Cocoloo, wanting her to be more outspoken about her position as a Platinum Princess Candidate.

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  • Her favorite tea is Darjeelan.